PNG govt seeks return of all APEC assets

1:55 pm on 17 December 2018

Papua New Guinea's government has been given until tomorrow to account for all assets used during this year's APEC meetings.

The newly built APEC Haus in Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby which is to host the 2018 APEC Leaders Summit in mid-November.

Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

These assets include Maseratis and other luxury vehicles acquired by the state for use during APEC 2018 which culminated in the Leaders' Summit in Port Moresby last month.

The Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari said the government wanted more time to finalise the APEC inventory which they would present to the Commission.

The Post Courier reported that the Ombudsman Commission granted the government an extension until 18 December.

However, the government is still waiting for a number of assets to be returned.

The government advertised through the Central Supplies and Tenders Board for all APEC assets to be returned.

It has warned people that failure to return assets is illegal, and that those who hold on to them will be "severely dealt with".

Meanwhile, PNG's Minister for APEC said that all the Maseratis used during the APEC Summit would now be going through a tender process for those interested in buying the vehicles.

Justin Tkatchenko told Loop PNG that most of all the vehicles have already been booked by interested parties who would have to go through the tender process before they were handed over to the buyers.

He said for now the government no longer had anything to do with the luxury vehicles, which were the subject of controversy when imported for the summit.

"They are now being handed over to the Central Supplies and Tenders Board, and the Finance Department, where they will then tender them out and sell them to those that are interested in those vehicles," he explained to local media.

"I believe that most of the vehicles have already been booked."

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