20 Nov 2018

Claims of irregularities in Northern Marianas poll

2:58 pm on 20 November 2018

The Democratic Party of the Northern Marianas has complained of irregularities in the way last week's poll was conducted.

Ballot boxes in CNMI

Ballot boxes in CNMI Photo: Hilary Hosia

It has requested that the Commonwealth Election Commission allow it to inspect all used, defaced, and unused ballots, documents, records, video recordings, and other election-related items.

The party claims there were several irregularities that may call into question the validity of the election results.

The election was delayed a week due to the destruction wrought by Super Typhoon Yutu.

The typhoon knocked out the power grid, making most polling places dependent on generator power and also made unusable a couple of counting machines, forcing the Commission to borrow from neighbouring Guam.

Damage by Yutu

Damage by Yutu Photo: Mark Rabago