25 Oct 2018

New Caledonia Republicans unveil post-referendum plan

2:15 pm on 25 October 2018

New Caledonia's anti-independence Republicans have outlined plans on how to proceed after the 4 November referendum on independence from France.

Sonia Backes

Sonia Backes Photo: Facebook

The party has proposed scrapping the provision of the Noumea Accord which allows for to more referendums by 2020, should voters opt for the status quo.

Its leader Sonia Backes said instead a new provision should be drawn up allowing for an independence referendum every 25 years if half the voters request one.

The party also wants to introduce an electoral system which offers bonus seats to the winners in order to foster stability.

Currently, the government is made up of members in proportion to the parties' representation in Congress.

The Republicans also want representation to reflect demographic change as the southern province's population has grown most.

It has also called for changes to the roll used for provincial election, by making it easier to accede to it.

It said these changes should go to a vote by 2020.

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