French minister defends Tahiti nuclear compensation effort

1:53 pm on 24 October 2018

The French overseas minister Annick Girardin says the process to compensate victims of France's nuclear weapons tests in French Polynesia has accelerated since she has taken office.

Annick Girardin

Annick Girardin Photo: AFP

Ms Girardin said while a parliamentary commission is working on the compensation demands, things never go fast enough for the victims.

She also said it is important for France to recognise its nuclear legacy and to clean up the atolls, which for 30 years were used for 193 tests.

Ms Girardin said the pro-independence leader Oscar Temaru denigrated France earlier this month by announcing that all French presidents are being taken to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity.

She said he did that because he had no policies for Polynesia.

Two years ago, the Maohi Protestant church said it was taking France to the ICC - a move which Mr Temaru welcomed.

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