3 Oct 2018

Bainimarama urges responsible social media use

4:57 pm on 3 October 2018

Fiji's prime minister Frank Bainimarama has warned people to use social media responsibly in the run-up to elections.

Late night internet addiction or working late man using laptop computer in the dark

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He said it could be a powerful tool for good but equally a powerful tool for evil.

With elections set for November 14 and political debate gathering steam, he has urged people in Fiji to listen for the truth and actively demand it.

Mr Bainimarama said since the 2014 election, tens of thousands more Fijians had gone digital and he said old "political tricks" were being spread via social media with a heightened level of hatred and prejudice.

He reiterated he was concerned many politicians would try and divide people by instilling them with fear and mistrust and he urged political leaders to have a higher standard on social media and called on people to use the platforms with a critical eye.

FijiFirst billboard defaced

Reports from Fiji say vandals have defaced a billboard bearing a photo of Fiji's prime minister Frank Baimimarama.

Islands Business reports the billboard on the outskirts of Suva was attacked last night.

Clods of mud were reportedly thrown at the sign which bears a picture of Mr Bainimarama and the words Vote FijiFirst, the party which he leads.

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