25 Sep 2018

Tongasat case escalates as cabinet moves to sue former PMs

12:57 pm on 25 September 2018

Outrage over the Tongasat case has escalated in Tonga's parliament, with a move to sue two former Prime Ministers for their involvement.

Tonga's caretaker PM 'Akilisi Pohiva

'Akilisi Pohiva Photo: RNZI/Monica Miller

Nearly $US50 million in payments from China to Tongasat, which manages Tonga's orbital space, is at the centre of a legal case brought by Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva.

Since Tonga's Supreme Court ruled last month the payments were not approved, the scrutiny on Tongasat has intensified.

Akilisi Pohiva said last week the entire parliament should be jailed for not taking action earlier.

Tonga's Cabinet announced a decision to take Lord Sevele and Lord Tu'ivakano to court for their role in the payments, Matangi Tonga reported on Monday.

Cabinet is seeking approval from the House before the move can go ahead.

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