26 Apr 2018

Mother of critic afraid to visit Fiji dies

11:36 am on 26 April 2018

Fear of persecution by Fiji authorities prevented an offshore critic of the government from returning to the country to visit his dying mother, he says.

Shailendra Raju

Shailendra Raju Photo: Supplied

Shailendra Raju's mother died this morning as he was trying to clarify a suspected order against him.

Mr Raju said he was yet to decide what to do now his mother had passed away.

The former aide to ousted Fiji prime minister Laisenia Qarase was fearful he wouldn't be able to depart Fiji if he visited his bedridden mother.

Mr Raju runs a Facebook campaign from New Zealand fiercely criticising the Bainimarama led government.

He had been reliably informed Fiji's authorities would not allow him to leave if he visited, Mr Raju said.

He was waiting for clearance from Fiji's Immigration Department to visit his homeland.