17 Apr 2018

Jailed New Caledonian gunman released early

3:06 pm on 17 April 2018

A New Caledonian man jailed for shooting and injuring a minor in Nakety is to be freed.

Noumea municipal police facade

Noumea municipal police facade Photo: RNZ

Last month, the 57-year-old man was given a five-year jail sentence of which four are suspended.

However, his lawyer said that the man would be allowed to return home but must wear an electronic bracelet.

Hundreds of his supporters were outside the jail to hear the news of his impending release.

In early March, the man had fired his rifle several times after being annoyed by the commotion caused by two stolen cars, hitting one of them.

He had hit a vehicle occupant who is reportedly still in hospital and unable to walk.