31 Aug 2017

New Caledonia Congress to elect new government

10:32 am on 31 August 2017

New Caledonia's Congress is today expected to elect three new ministers as the collegial government is being renewed.

The New Caledonia congress.

New Caledonia Congress Photo: AFP

The government fell because the Caledonia Together Party ministers resigned to allow one of them to take up his newly secured seat in the French National Assembly.

The four groups making up the Congress will again be represented in the 11-member government according to their strength in the Congress.

The renewal of the government will see three new faces, including 29-year-old Nicolas Metzdorf of the Caledonia Together Party.

Another anti-independence group, the Caledonian Republicans, will now be represented by Christopher Gyges.

Another newcomer will be the pro-independence Caledonian Union's Didier Poadyaliwane who will succeed Anthony Lecren.

Once the government is chosen, the Congress is to select a president, with Philippe Germain seeking re-election.

However, the new rifts within the anti-independence camp make his re-election uncertain.

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