26 Aug 2017

Candidates put forward for new New Caledonia government

5:07 pm on 26 August 2017
The New Caledonia congress.

The New Caledonia congress. Photo: AFP

New Caledonia's political parties have submitted their candidates for Thursday's election of a new 11-member government.

The four groups making up the Congress will be represented in the executive in proportion to their representation in the Congress.

The election follows the resignation of the budget minister Philippe Dunoyer, who decided to take up his newly secured seat in the French National Assembly.

The 11-strong government will continue to have six anti-independence and five pro-independence ministers.

Mr Dunoyer's Caledonia Together Party has put forward as proposed replacement Nicolas Metzdorf, a 29-year-old member of the southern province assembly and member of Congress.

Another anti-independence group, the Caledonian Republicans, has nominated Christopher Gyges as a new minister.

Another likely newcomer is the pro-independence Caledonian Union's Didier Poadyaliwane who is set to succeed Anthony Lecren.

Among those being renomintated are also a former president Cynthia Ligeard and the last president Philippe Germain.

Also set for re-election is Dewe Gorodey who is the only member to have been part of every collegial government since it was formed in 1999.