24 Jul 2017

Solomons police to approach ministry about crocodile problem

7:08 pm on 24 July 2017

Police in Solomon Islands say they will be approaching the environment ministry to discuss the dangers posed by a growing crocodile population.

A saltwater crocodile caught in Solomon Islands. 23/11/2010

A saltwater crocodile caught in Solomon Islands. 23/11/2010 Photo: RAMSI gallery/Solomon Islands Govt

Crocodiles are a protected species and gun controls introduced in 2003 have allowed the population to flourish.

The director of the recently-rearmed police response department, Stanley Riolo, said they were called to crocodile-related incidents at least twice a month.

The main types of firearms with which specialised units within the Solomon Islands Police Force will be equipped include the standard police issue sidearms, tear gas launchers and shotguns.

Solomon Islands' police have been rearmed with standard police issue sidearms and shotguns as well as several Remington 700 bolt-action rifles for "crocodile destruction." Photo: Solomon Islands Police Media

Until recently, the Australian-led Regional Assitance Mission would respond to callouts, but they left in June.

Local police will not be using traps as part of their crocodile control measures.

RAMSI Pariticipating Police officers laying out crocodile traps in Solomon Islands. 25/10/2013 Photo: RAMSI gallery/Solomon Islands Govt

Mr Riolo said that now RAMSI was gone, he wanted to reach a long-term solution with the environment ministry.

"We will need to discuss this with the ministry responsible so that we will work together with that ministry so that we will have a plan in place to actually attend to incidents so that they actually give us the power to actually respond to these calls," said Stanley Riolo.

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