23 Aug 2010

Call for weapons to use against crocodiles in Solomons

11:24 am on 23 August 2010

A recent lethal crocodile attack in Solomon Islands has prompted the man's his family to call for a government review of the ban on weapons.

Since the RAMSI disarmament programme began in 2003 to resolve ethnic tension, crocodile numbers have escalated.

The Police Commander Peter Marshall says while the deaths of up to twelve people per year are tragic, he wouldn't want to see any relaxation over the very strict rules on firearms.

He says RAMSI work with the police and will trap and shoot any reptiles reported.

"You're not going to stop rogue crocodiles from making sudden attacks in the Solomon Islands but if we do receive a complaint about a particular number or an individual crocodile, we will certainly deal with it and deal with it very quickly. And I've dealt with a number of requests in the last month."

Peter Marshall says any community having problems with particular crocodiles should tell their local police.