10 Oct 2016

US fugitive to serve sentence in Tonga if convicted

8:23 am on 10 October 2016

An American fugitive who was recently caught in American Samoa will serve his sentence in Tonga if convicted of murder.

Dean Jay Fletcher was charged with unlawfully entering Pago Pago after he escaped custody in Tonga two weeks ago.

Dean Jay Fletcher

Dean Jay Fletcher taking a nap after arriving from Tonga in Pago Pago Photo: Tauva Esera

Mr Fletcher is accused of the murder of his wife.

Tonga and the United States are party to an extradition treaty that also includes American Samoa, a US territory.

Tonga's deputy Police Commissioner Pele-natita Fe'ao said extradition proceedings have begun to return Mr Fletcher to face a pre-trial on the 26th of October.

"This is where he committed the crime and he will have to serve the time here. I don't know about talking about government to government of sentences being worked in a different country. But the justice system will require him to serve his sentence here."