30 Sep 2016

Fiji's Ratu Isoa apologises but denies racism

7:33 am on 30 September 2016

An Opposition MP in Fiji who's been suspended for two years says he is not a racist.

On Thursday the government used its numbers in Parliament to suspend Ratu Isoa Tikoca, saying one of his speeches in the house was racist and inflammatory.

Ratu Isoa was found to have breached parliamentary rules around freedom of speech by listing Muslim officials serving in high office in the government of Frank Bainimarama.

Ratu Isoa Tikoca

Ratu Isoa Tikoca Photo: Fiji Parliament

Before leaving the Parliament Ratu Isoa apologised but said he was only addressing the concerns of the people he represents.

"You know that I did not address any religion, nor do I address any race," he said.

"It is purely a concern of a guy, a peacekeeper who has gone around all the world to fight only with one thing, peace and no instability."

Ratu Isoa is not allowed near the parliamentary precinct including opposition offices for the remainder of the parliamentary term.

He is the third opposition MP to have received a two year suspension from the parliament this parliamentary term.