30 Apr 2016

Norfolk Island protest enters fourth day

4:12 pm on 30 April 2016

The occupation of Norfolk Island's former legislative assembly by protesters has entered its fourth day.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Photo: AFP

A former Norfolk Island chief minister, Andre Nobbs, said residents had turned out to protest the Australian government's decision to remove the island's limited autonomy.

He said about 10 percent of the island's population had turned out to protest the move, and a few dozen of them had set up camp in the grounds of the former assembly.

Mr Nobbs said they were angry at an alleged lack of consulation by Canberra.

"Out of an electoral roll of about 965 people we have over 350 people gathered in the compound just to really join together to voice their concern over what is being imposed on Norfolk, and also to make it really clear that the actions of the Australian government are not in accord with the people of this community," he said.

Andre Nobbs said some of the protesters showed no sign of planning to leave the grounds on Saturday.

On Monday, Norfolk Islanders presented a petition to the United Nations in New York accusing Canberra of violating their right to self-determination.

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