More ocean inundation for Marshall Islands ahead

10:11 am on 23 March 2016

Weather authorities have warned of more high tides in Marshall Islands this week with a combination of stormy seas and a king tide at work again.

Weather officials in Guam say another storm is anticipated to push high tides over the islands by as much as 60 centimetres during high tide periods through to Friday this week.

In a special alert issued yesterday the US National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) said a king tide cycle is also expected to occur., starting this Tuesday.

Many islands experienced flooding after a storm blew in from Wake Island earlier this month.

High tides in Marshall Islands in March 2016 hit a seawall

High tides hitting a seawall in Marshall Islands on March 9 Photo: RNZI/Giff Johnson

"The combination of these elements could cause coastal inundation of up to two feet (60 cm), especially during high tide along north ocean-facing shores of Ejit and Northern Darrit, and also inside the lagoon from the Delap area to near Peace Park, " said weather officials.

High tides were expected on Wednesday morning at 5:17am and 5:27pm, Thursday at 5:42am and 5:53pm, and Friday 6:08am and 6:19pm.

NOAA officials urged Marshall Islanders to "take action to protect crops and properties near (these) locations and stay away from flooded areas."

Two weeks ago, a large number of Kili Island residents - islanders from Bikini who were displaced 70 years ago to make way for nuclear weapons testing - had to evacuate their homes due to flooding.