Marshalls storm surge erodes graves

4:20 pm on 22 March 2016

Wild weather in the Marshall Islands has eroded graves and partly washed some away.

A high tide across Ejit Island in Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands on March 3, 2014, causing widespread flooding. Officials in the Marshall Islands blamed climate change for severe flooding in the Pacific nation's capital Majuro.

Flooding caused by huge spring tides which Marshall Islands officials have blamed on climate change. Photo: AFP

A king tide pushed by storm surges on March 9th washed debris onto roads, and flooded homes in the capital, Majuro, as well as flooding the homes of several hundred residents on Kili Island.

A manager at the ministry of public works, Melvin Dacillo, says the capital's cemeteries were among the areas flooded.

"When we did a rapid assessment, there are already some coffins, and skulls and bones that were exposed. This alerted MOH, the Ministry of Health, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and the government to closely monitor that and be able to coordinate with the land owners and the families affected."

Melvin Dacillo says options of how to stop the erosion include the construction of a seawall.