30 Apr 2015

More concerns in Fiji over police brutality

7:07 am on 30 April 2015

A citizens' group has expressed concern over allegations of police brutality in Fiji.

Fiji police

Fiji police Photo: Supplied

The police have confirmed there are six ongoing investigations, and there are reports that one includes a senior officer.

Most of the complaints centre on a drug bust in the northern division earlier this year, where taxidrivers and farmers were allegedly beaten.

A school counsellor for that division confirmed he has counselled children who witnessed another man being beaten by police.

A Programme Manager for the Citizens Constitutional Forum, Ken Cokanasiga, says authorities need to take action.

"Do they really know what they are doing, because if we continue down this trend there's a high risk of change, where the citizens will go look ok we don't trust the police anymore so we won't report such cases, because we know when they come through they will do what they like, give us brute force, assault us."

Ken Cokanasiga says he commends the work of the Police Commissioner, Ben Groenewald, who has vowed to hold officers to account.