27 Apr 2015

Chikungunya outbreak reported in Kiribati

7:25 pm on 27 April 2015

Kiribati's Director of Public Health Tioboa Timeon has declared an outbreak of Chikungunya virus in most of the country's outer islands.

Radio Kiribati reports Dr Timeon as saying the outbreak has been confirmed in 13 outer islands of Makin, Butaritari, Marakei, Abaiang, North Tarawa, Maiana, Kuria, Aranuka, Abemama, Nonouti, Tabiteuea North, Onotoa and Nikunau.

The Ministry of Health has advised people living in the outer islands to help prevent the spread of the disease by emptying mosquito breeding places like tyres and containers, use mosquito nets and clear all rubbish from their compound.

Dr Timeon says of the 13 islands where the virus has been confirmed, two of them have reported more than 200 cases.

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Photo: RNZI Walter Zweifel