20 Apr 2007

Tongan summit shows consensus to revive economy

1:33 pm on 20 April 2007

A Tonga business leader says this week's economic summit shows the government is serious about working with the private sector to resurrect the economy.

The vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, Paula Taumoepeau, says the event was highly significant because the country had never before held an economic summit and showed a commitment by government to help identify the bottlenecks that had hampered business growth.

He says there was much discussion about ideas that have been put forward previously and ignored, but there was a sense it was different now.

"And I think that maybe from after trying since 16/11 there is more determination there to try and make sure things work, and work immediately and well."

The summit produced a number of ideas that will shortly be circulated throughout Tonga for comment.