1.00 New adventures for new voices

The New Zealand Youth Choir, Waitangi 2016.

The New Zealand Youth Choir, Waitangi 2016. Photo: Julia Reinholt

Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand chief Roger Lloyd is stepping down from his role but there's new adventures to be had. David Squire, conductor of the New Zealand Youth Choir, joins Roger to talk about what next for the organisation and where the Youth Choir is going in the future.

1.20 Shining light on dance

Jennifer Shennan reviews The New Zealand Dance Company's three piece work Lumina, which all focus on light. It's currently touring the country, following on from a successful international season in Germany and The Holland Dance Festival.

1.40 The Art of Etiquette – Opera

Opera singer Wade Kernot

Opera singer Wade Kernot Photo: Supplied

Are jandals and skinny black jeans appropriate attire for the opera? Can I boo at my favourite villain? I want to tweet, is that ok? We get the low-down on opera etiquette from Westie turned opera singer Wade Kernot who’s on stage this week with New Zealand Opera’s The Magic Flute.