1.00 Singing MMM

The Auckland Youth Choir

The Auckland Youth Choir Photo: Supplied

The Auckland Youth Choir is celebrating New Zealand Music Month by performing works by composers who's names start with M - Marshall, Matthews and Mealor. The NZ premiere of each piece is overseen by choir leaders Lachlan Craig and Grace Francis who explain what it takes to get youthful voices soaring.

1.20 A little birdy told me...

Cross-over artist Luke Bird

Cross-over artist Luke Bird Photo: Supplied

Outrageously fabulous Auckland-based crossover artist Luke Bird on making musical theatre and opera accessible to the younger generation; the importance of performing at Big Gay Out; and where he gets his signature sequined tuxes from.

1.40 A successful experiment?

Enso quartet

Enso quartet Photo: Juergen Frank

Peter Mechen reviews US based Ensō String Quartet. The performance included works from Beethoven, Ravel, and a new piece by New Zealand composer Alex Taylor, A Coincidence of surfaces, which can be performed as a quartet or an octet. The quartet is currently traveling the length of the country in association with Chamber Music New Zealand.