12 Oct 2019

Blackbird Ensemble back with more Björk

From Sound Lounge, 9:30 pm on 12 October 2019

Claire Cowan and her Blackbird Ensemble take up the challenge of performing Björk's music, once again, in their acclaimed show “All is Full of Love.”

The debut Auckland season completely sold out and after a string of concerts in the South Island the Blackbird Ensemble have added a collection of North Island dates this October.

Blackbird Ensemble at Q Theatre

Blackbird Ensemble at Q Theatre Photo: Matt Henry Mendonca

Although Bjork's unique music is so, seemingly, knitted to her own personality and performance style, the Blackbird Ensemble's arrangements of strings, brass, woodwind, keys and percussion have proven a huge success.

The "All is Full of Love” show, devoted entirely to Björk's iconic music, was originally conceived after Claire heard the Icelandic singer had just turned 50.

"I thought, oh my goodness, she doesn't look 50, but what a good time to celebrate her life's work so far."

Claire remembers hearing Björk for the first time when she was around ten years old.

“It was kooky and new and fresh, and I hadn't heard anything like it on the radio before. So I just really fell in love with that sort of sound.”

The 2019 tour returns with vocalist Anna Coddington, alongside two new additions – psychedelic soul singer Mara TK and dream-pop artist Priya Sami from the Sami Sisters.

RNZ visited the Blackbird Ensemble in 2017 during one of their rehearsals.

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