9 Feb 2018

'All is Full of Love - The Blackbird Ensemble performs Björk

From Sound Lounge, 9:00 pm on 9 February 2018

The Blackbird Ensemble performs a specially-curated show featuring songs by Björk at Q Theatre in Auckland.

Anna Coddington

Anna Coddington Photo: Priscilla Northe/Striped Trees Productions

There are songs from eight of Björk's solo albums from Debut (1993) through to Vulnicura (2015). The arrangements are by the ensemble's Music Director Claire Cowan and Sarah Belkner.

The vocalists are Anna Coddington, TEEKS, Jessie Cassin, and Sarah Belkner.

'Bachelorette' – Jessie Cassin
'Hyperballad' – Anna Coddington
'Venus As A Boy' – Sarah Belkner
'Jóga' – TEEKS
'Wanderlust' – Anna Coddington
'I've Seen It All' – Jessie Cassin
'Stonemilker' – TEEKS
'Isobel' – Sarah Belkner
'Hidden Place' – Anna Coddington
'Unravel' – Jessie Cassin
'Virus' – TEEKS
'Desired Constellation' – Anna Coddington
'Army Of Me' – Sarah Belkner
'Pluto' – Jessie Cassin
'All Is Full Of Love' – Anna Coddington, Sarah Belkner, Jessie Cassin, TEEKS

Recorded and mixed for RNZ by Andre Upston
Interviews and presentation by Tim Dodd