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9:00 The Music of the Thar Desert

Music of Thar Desert

Music of Thar Desert Photo: Dan Beban

10:00 Relevant Tones: New Sounds from Europe

Seth Boustead and the Relevant Tones crew team up with the European Broadcasting Union to bring recent concert events and interviews from some of the brightest musical lights on the continent.

Relevant Tones - New Sounds Europe

Relevant Tones - New Sounds Europe Photo: Supplied

11:00 Best of New Music Dreams

Vermont - II

Vermont - II Photo: album cover art

"Following their much-acclaimed surprise debut album VERMONT from 2014, Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Danilo Plessow and Innervisions' Marcus Worgull reunite for more synth daydreaming on the suitably titled “II”. The new outing continues where the first full-length left off, strolling further down the luminous and undulating path that the duo turned into, influenced in equal measures by kosmische, krautrock, minimal wave and synth soundtracks." (Kompakt Records)

Danilo Plessow, Marcus Worgull (synthesizers, various instruments)
Kompakt 133