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9:00 Resound Programme 8

Douglas Mews

Douglas Mews Photo: Supplied

DOUGLAS MEWS: Japan Physical
Carol Jones (sop), Douglas Mews (pno)
RNZ (recorded 25/03/1976)

Listen to Kenneth Young introducing Japan Physical by Douglas Mews.

DOUGLAS MEWS: Three gospel miniatures
Alexa Still (fl), Victoria Still (oboe)
RNZ (recorded 06/10/1997)

Listen to Kenneth Young introducing Three Gospel Miniatures by Douglas Mews.

ROSS HARRIS: Aria, Nga Manu, Piano Fragments
Stephen de Pledge (pno)
(recorded 13/08/2016)

JOHN WELLS: Variations on Adeste Fideles
John Wells (org)
RNZ (recorded 23/11/2003)

10:00 Relevant Tones

Activist Music

We live in a charged political environment and though music is often seen as an escape, many composers have chosen to use their work to make a statement. From Ted Hearne’s piece The Source, based on the story of Chelsea Manning, the U.S. Army Private who infamously leaked classified military documents to WikiLeaks in 2010 to David T. Little’s operas about modern warfare and Bright Sheng’s music about the Cultural Revolution, we feature several composers who are speaking out. (WFMT)


11:00 New Music Dreams

And the Black Moths Played the Grand Cinema by Dean Roberts

In his mesmerising  anti-epic 40-minute piece And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema, New Zealander Dean Roberts' guitar  provides the backbone while all around it instruments (piano, viola, organ, harmonium, cello, bass) weave in and out, move about, and disappear on the threshold of audibility. The few times Roberts sings he delivers his lyrics in a murmur while various forms of analog and digital processing further shape this ethereal soundscape.

DEAN ROBERTS: And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema
Dean Roberts (gtr, electronics), with various musicians

Mossopolis by Nigel Wright

NIGEL WRIGHT: Mossopolis
Nigel Wright (gtr, laptop)
The High Seas THS001BOND STREET BRIDGE (Remixed by Nigel Wright): In Your Eyes
Sam Prebble, Nigel Wright