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9:00 Resound Programme 7

Edwin Carr

Edwin Carr Photo: Supplied

New Zealand SO/Hamish McKeich
RNZ (recorded 22/06/2012)

Auckland Philharmonia/Marc Taddei
RNZ (recorded 03/10/2005)

EDWIN CARR: Concerto Balabile
Richard Mapp (pno), New Zealand SO/Matthias Bamert
RNZ (recorded 28/09/2001)

Listen to Kenneth Young introducing Edwin Carr's Concerto Balabile.

10:00 Relevant Tones

Angelica Negron

Angelica Negron Photo: Supplied

Composers Among Us: Angélica Negrón
Puerto Rican-born composer and multi-instrumentalist Angélica Negrón writes music for accordions, toys and electronics as well as chamber ensembles and orchestras. Her works Bubblegum Grass Peppermint Field and They Swim Under My Bed are as whimsical as their names suggest. Leap into Negrón’s mind and music in the latest installment of our Composers Among Us series. (WFMT)

ANGÉLICA NEGRÓN: Drawings for Meyoko; La Isla Magica; Me He Perdido; Bubblegum Grass Peppermint Field; The Little Things; FONO

11:00 New Music Dreams

Peter Wright - Pariah's Sing Om

New Zealand experimental drone musician Peter Wright has spent the last two decades investigating ways of deconstructing the guitar and loosening the shackles by which the instrument is traditionally constrained.

PETER WRIGHT: A selection from the album Pariahs Sing Om
Peter Wright (gtr, electronics)
Last Visible Dog Records