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It’s Resound season! The annual collaboration between RNZ Concert, NZ On Air and Sounz. Over the next eight weeks we’ll be bringing you the best NZ music from the archives, with introductions from Kenneth Young. Tonight: works spanning over four decades by Larry Pruden, Claire Cowan and Michael Norris, with Ken giving an introduction to piano works by Ross Harris, newly recorded by Sarah Watkins last year.

Plus in the second hour, another in the Relevant Tones ‘Soundward’ series called “Time Travel’, looking at pop musicans who’ve made the transition to classical composers.

9:00 Resound Programme 1

Ross Harris

Ross Harris Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust

ROSS HARRIS : Chant, Etude (Waves), Study in Blue and Green
Sarah Watkins (pno)

CLAIRE COWAN: Legend of the Trojan Bird
New Zealand SO/Luke Dollmann

MICHAEL NORRIS: Splinter Cells
Lars Mlekusch (alto/ baritone sax), Stroma/Hamish McKeich

LARRY PRUDEN: Birthday Disguises
NZSO CO/Donald Armstrong

Shark Variations

REUBEN BRADLEY: Selection from the album Shark Variations: Makos and Hammerheads
Reuben Bradley (Drums), Roger Manins (sax), Brett Hirst (bass)
Rattle RAT-J 1034 2017

10:00 Relevant Tones

Soundward: Time Travel

Over the years pop artists have been making the transition from guitar slaying Hair Rock to classical composers. Seth and Q2 Music’s Phil Kline feature musicians like Kip Winger, Billy Joel, Jonny Greenwood and Roger Waters. Why are they making the transition and does it work? (WFMT)

Relevant Tones - Time Travel

Relevant Tones - Time Travel Photo: Supplied

11:00 New Music Dreams

AUDIBLE3: Audible3
John Kennedy (drum machine), Marc Chesterman (sampler), Paul Winstanley (turntable, fx processor, electric bass)