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9:00 Resound Programme 2

Composer John Rimmer

Composer John Rimmer Photo: SOUNZ

JOHN RITCHIE: Three Whimsies
John Mills (gtr)
RNZ (recorded 03/08/1989)

Stroma/Hamish McKeich
RNZ (recorded 10/09/2010)

JOHN RIMMER: Transcend: Concerto for Orchestra
New Zealand SO/Hamish
RNZ (recorded 20/02/2015)

Listen to Kenneth Young's introduction to Rimmer's Transcend

10:00 Relevant Tones

Terry Riley: Eighty Trips Around the Sun

Intrepid pianist Sarah Cahill has just released a monumental recording of the complete piano works of seminal composer Terry Riley, one of the most important musical figures of the twentieth century and an accomplished pianist himself. Riley's piano music is a fascinating blend of jazz, East Indian rhythms, drone figures and complex chord structures. (WFMT)

Terry Riley

Terry Riley Photo: Supplied

ELENA RUHR: In C Too (minute or so); TERRY RILEY: Cinco de Mayo; Two Pieces No 2; GYAN RILEY: Poppy Infinite; DANNY CLAY: Circle Songs 3; PAULINE OLIVEROS: A Trilling Piece for Terry - Sarah Cahill, Regina Myer (pianos), Samuel Adams (piano/live electronics)
Eighty Trips Around the World
Irritable Hedgehog IHM 020M

11:00 New Music Dreams

Noveller - A Pink Sunset For No One

Noveller - A Pink Sunset For No One Photo: album cover art

NOVELLER: A Pink Sunset for No One
Sarah Lipstate (guitar, electronics)
Fire Records FIRE LP 401

NOVELLER: Glacial Glow
Sarah Lipstate (guitar, electronics)
Fire Records FIRE LP 411