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Tonight: one of the world’s great pioneers in film music and musique concrete and professor at the Sorbonne in Paris: Michel Chion, giving a concert in Auckland tonight.

SOUNZ Contemporary Award coverage continues with finalist number two, Chris Gendall, and his Incident Tableaux Part One for orchestra commemorating one of the more horrific events in our history – the Featherston POW camp massacre;

The Karlheinz Company’s concert (FREE concert!) coming up on Sunday in Auckland, Mouthpiece, heralding spring with an ear-tweaking sonic smorgasbord from NZ School of Music staff performers and composers; and one of the most fabulous two-piano works of the 20th century: Hallelujah Junction by John Adams.

Plus in the second hour, works inspired by the sky, including the whole of Peter Hobbs’ soundtrack for Jean (nominated for APRA BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC IN A FILM AWARD 2017).


MICHEL CHION: Requiem: Dies Irae
Michael Chion (electronics)
Sub Rosa SR 220

Michel Chion is currently touring the country. He's worked with everyone from David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick to Jacques Tati, and that’s just the film-related stuff.

CHRIS GENDALL: Incident Tableaux Part One
New Zealand SO/Hamish McKeich

JOHN ADAMS: Hallelujah Junction
Andrew Russo (pno), James Ehnes (pno)
Black Box BBM 1098

Tzenka Dianova (pno), New Zealand SO, Kenneth Young
Atoll ACD 141


ANDERS HILLBORG: Celestial Mechanics
Stockholm CO
Phono Suecia

Peter Hobbs's soundtrack for the TV movie Jean (about New Zealand's superstar aviator Jean Batten) is a finalist for APRA Best Original Music in a Film Award 2017. The winner will be announced at the Silver Scrolls in September.

PETER HOBBS: A selection from the soundtrack to the film, Jean

11:00 New Music Dreams

Pop Ambient 2016

Pop Ambient 2016 Photo: Kompakt Records

Legendary German record label Kompakt's compilation series Pop Ambient has been going since the early 2000s. The whole idea was to create ambient music that was exciting and interesting rather than too peaceful and relaxing. The movement spread from Cologne all around the world. The latest offering from their stable of talented artists includes tracks by Wolfgang Voigt, Stephan Mathieu and the Orb alongside newer Kompakt signees.

VARIOUS: Pop Ambient 2016
Various artists
Kompakt CD 128