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Leonard Cohen has died at the age of 82.

Music 101 pays tribute to the legendary singer/songwriter on Saturday's show.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Photo: AFP

9:40 pm

24 Tone Clocks - Jenny McLeod

24 Tone Clocks - Jenny McLeod Photo: album cover art

Charlotte Wilson talks to Jenny McLeod at her home in Pukerua Bay about the launch of her new album 24 Tone Clocks and her 75th birthday on Saturday.

JENNY MCLEOD: 24 Tone Clocks (excerpts)
Michael Houstoun, Diedre Irons (pnos)
Rattle RAT-D066

10:00 pm Resound 2016: Episode Three

David Farquhar

David Farquhar Photo: Trust Records

A collaboration between RNZ and SOUNZ to give past recordings of works by NZ composers new life.

Eight programmes introduced by Kenneth Young.

(3) DAVID FARQUHAR: Epithalamion Overture - Alex Lindsay String Orch/David Farquhar; Five Canons for Two Clarinets - Rachel Vernon, Patrick Barry (cls) (new RNZ recording made in 2015); DAVID HAMILTON: Philagree - Auckland String Quartet, Stanley Jackson (ob), John Middleton (dbass); KARLO MARGETIC: Dubina - APO/Marc Taddei; ROSS HARRIS: Contours - Ed Allen (hn), Emma Sayers (pno) (new RNZ recording made in 2014) (RNZ)

11:00 pm New Music Dreams

Ocean Fire - Ryuchi Sakamoto and Christopher Willits

Ocean Fire - Ryuchi Sakamoto and Christopher Willits Photo: album cover art

Ryuchi Sakamoto, Christopher Willits (various instruments)
12k 1046