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Eve de Castro Robinson

Eve de Castro Robinson Photo: Gareth Watkins

9:00 pm

Celebrating Eve de Castro Robinson’s 60th birthday coming up:

Performers: Ensemble Philharmonia, John Elmsly
Atoll ACD 300


Resonance: NZSM and Dowse Art Museum

Art work: Movement by Andrew Barber and Jeena Shin.

Movement: Andrew Barber + Jeena Shin Photo: Dowse Art Museum

A collaboration between the NZSM and Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, to accompany their upcoming exhibition of the work of Andrew Barber and Jeena Shin. Rolling across the gallery floor, Andrew Barber’s painting evokes the gentle swell and dip of the sea. It lies subtly alongside Jeena Shin’s wall painting of geometric shapes, which recede and reappear, like shadows peppering the earth under a moonlit sky.

To accompany the exhibition opening on the 12 November, a series of sonic performances by students of the Sonic Arts programme at Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music, using custom-built hardware and software with each one responding to Movement through the medium of sound. Charlotte Wilson talks to four of the students involved and programme leader, Dugal McKinnon.

GEORGE AITKEN : Dance Music Scene  
FLO WILSON: (Please) Keep Breathing 
Electronic works all realised by the composers
Private recording

Commemorating Kristallnacht

The NZSM joins forces with members of the NZSO to present a commemoration concert in Wellington.

PIGOVAT: Poem of Dawn
Performers: Anna Serova (vln), Croation Radio & Television SO cond. Nicola Guerini
Naxos 8.572729

10:00 pm Resound 2016: Episode Two

Dorothy Buchanan

Dorothy Buchanan Photo: Supplied by SOUNZ

A collaboration between RNZ and SOUNZ to give past recordings of works by NZ composers new life.

DOROTHY BUCHANAN: Trio Sound - Gagliano Trio; Mass in English - Tudor Consort/Michael Stewart (new RNZ recording made in 2014); DAVID FARQUHAR: I Sing of a Maiden ; Tudor Consort/Michael Stewart (new RNZ recording made in 2014); RACHEL CLEMENT: Feeblebeast - 175 East; DOUGLAS LILBURN: A Birthday Offering – New Zealand SO/Kenneth Young (RNZ)

11:00 pm New Music Dreams

APHEX TWIN: Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Richard D. James (electronics)
Warp 24582

Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume 2

Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 album cover Photo: album cover