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Leonard Cohen: Book of Longing

PHILIP GLASS with lyrics by Leonard Cohen: Book of Longing (excerpt)
Leonard Cohen (spoken text), Dominique Plaisant (sop), Tara Hugo (mezzo), Will Erat (ten), Daniel Keeling (bass-baritone), Philip Glass (keyboard), with various musicians
Orange Mountain 0043

Esa-Pekka Salonen: Insomnia

Ahead of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra's concert on Saturday 19 November featuring Salonen's Voilin Concerto, we play another fantastic orchestral work by the Finnish composer - his Insomnia. Salonen says: "The musical processes in Insomnia have a lot in common with the psychology of a sleepless night: some thoughts become prison cells we cannot escape; others keep coming back persistently."

SALONEN: Insomnia
Finnish Radio SO/Esa-Pekka Salonen
DG 477 5375

Michael Gordon: Timber Remixed

In 2009 American composer Michael Gordon composed a work called Timber which requires six percussionists to navigate a wide array of patterns, while each playing only a single simantra—otherwise known as a 2x4. Recently, the who's who of experimental electronic artists were asked to remix this work - the album Timber Remixed is the result.

10:05 Resound 2016

A collaboration between RNZ and SOUNZ to give past recordings of works by NZ composers new life.

Eight programmes introduced by Kenneth Young.

(4) GAO PING: Three Poems of Mu Xin - David Griffiths (bar), New Zealand String Quartet; GARY WILBY: Five Bagatelles for piano - Richard Mapp (pno) (new RNZ recording made in 2014); CHLOE MOON: Requiem for solo flute - Anthony Ferner (fl); EVE DE CASTRO-ROBINSON: Noah's Ark - Ensemble Philharmonia

11:00 New Music Dreams

Goldmund - Malady of Elegance

Goldmund - Malady of Elegance Photo: album cover art

GOLDMUND: Malady of Elegance
Keith Kenniff (pno)
Type 639