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Jeff Henderson's pick for RNZ Concert's 2016 round of Settling the Score

The Exotic Circle

The Exotic Circle Photo: album cover art

JOHN RIMMER The Exotic Circle
The College Consort
KIWI sld38

Settling the Score is New Zealand’s annual competition to decide the most popular classical music in the country.  Each year we ask listeners to vote for their favourite classical music, the votes are tallied, and then the complete countdown is broadcast on RNZ Concert. Voting is open from 22 August until 23 September 2016.

Cast your own vote here.

Puce Mary

Danish Superstar Puce Mary, the new sound in industrial noise music.

PUCE MARY: The Spiral; Plus Night is Trap II; The Temptation to Exist
Puce Mary
Posh Isolation 169

BBC Proms: Marlos Nobre

As RNZ Concert continues coverage of the Proms, just weeks after the live concerts in London, we’re focusing on the contemporary composers featured at the Proms here in Sound Lounge. This week:

Chamber Orchestra of Radio MEC, Brazil
Q Disc 97006

More from Jeff Henderson

The brilliant Jeff Henderson is based in Auckland where he heads up Audio Foundation. He also runs a record label based in WGN - iiii [four eyes] records. Music from Snouts and newest band, Dreamville.

Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson Photo: Supplied

SNOUTS: Kopi Cat
Jeff Henderson (sax), Phil Dryson (gtr) , Chris O'Connor (drums)
Private recording

DREAMVILLE: Unnamed, recorded live at Meow Cafe, Wellington
Private Recording


The Calais Sessions

Trevor Reekie talks to cellist Vanessa Lucas-Smith about the album recorded in the vast refugee camp in Calais, known by its inhabitants as The Jungle.

The Calais Sessions

The Calais Sessions Photo: Sarah Hickson

RTÉ National SO/Gavin Maloney
RTÉ Lyric FM CD 144

Kevin O'Connell

Kevin O'Connell Photo: Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin

11:00 New Music Dreams

Aethenor - Hazel

Aethenor - Hazel Photo: album cover art

AETHENOR: A selection from the album Hazel
VHF Records vhf 140

AETHENOR:A selection from the album Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp
VHF Records vhf 97