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Nicholas Isherwood

Nicholas Isherwood

Nicholas Isherwood Photo: supplied

The most famous bass-baritone in new music - in the world. Nicholas Isherwood has been right here in New Zealand on a Distinguished Visitors Award at the University of Auckland School of Music, and the invitation of the NZSM: and in this two-part series, Charlotte Wilson talks to him about new music, his voice, his music, and composers he has known.

(2) How to listen to new music: John Cage; his own composing; and where it’s all heading…

LUIGI NONO: The forest is young and full of life (1966)
Elisabeth Grard (sop), Nicholas Isherwood (reciter), Carol Robinson (cl), Gerard Pape (tape, live mix)
Private Recording

"To know how to listen. Even to silence. It is very difficult to listen to the others, others in silence. Other thoughts other signals other sonorities other words other languages." (Luigi Nono, Towards Promoteo. Diary fragments.)

KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN: Freude for two harps and voices, from Klang
Performed live by Milana Zarić and Gorana Ćurgus at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, April 2015
Private Recording

JOHN CAGE: Ryoanji – version for voice and percussion (1983-85)
Nicholas Isherwood (bass-baritone)
BIS Records 2149

NICHOLAS ISHERWOOD: Ariel’s Lied for boy soprano and tape
Christophe de Villeneuve (sop)
Private Recording

BBC Proms profiles: Gérard Grisey

The founder of the Spectral music movement, and a pioneer in psycho-acoustic approaches to music and time that he termed, ‘the ecology of sound’. Find out what it means with the quintessential spectral piece, Périodes: and listen out for his Dérives in the BBC Proms on 31 Aug, performed live by the BBC Scottish SO and conductor, Ilan Volkov

GÉRARD GRISEY: Périodes (1974)
Ensemble Risognanze cond. Tito Ceccherini
Stradivarius STR 33734

GÉRARD GRISEY: Vortex Temporum (ii) (1994)
Ensemble Risognanze/Tito Ceccherini
Stradivarius STR 33734


Miasma & The Carousel Of Headless Horses
Web of Mimicry WOM 025

Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses

Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses Photo: Web of Mimicry

Helsinki Phil/Leif Segerstam
Ondine ODE 1149

Graham Fitkin (pno)
Argo 444 112

11:00 New Music Dreams

The Caretaker - Selected Memories From the Haunted Ballroom

The Caretaker - Selected Memories From the Haunted Ballroom Photo: album cover art

The Caretaker is a project started by American born Berlin-based James Kirby to make music inspired by the ballroom scene from Stanley Kubrick’s horror film The Shining. In this week's NMD we'll have a listen to his 1999 debut album Selected Memories From the Haunted Ballroom.

THE CARETAKER: Selected Memories From the Haunted Ballroom
James Kirby (sampling, sequencing)
V/Vm Test Records OFFAL02