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9:00 In Memoriam

‘I often write music that cannot make up its mind, and that is deliberate.’

News from our sister station in Denmark, Klassisk Live DKDR, that the Danish composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen died on Monday, 27 January at the age of 83. A legend in Danish musical circles, he was also the leader of what has been called the wave of ‘the new simplicity’ in Northern Europe, and leaves behind a considerable musical legacy that ranges from his 14 string quartets to a new music drama written only last year.

He was also renowned for his choral works – and here we play a performance by Australia’s The Song Company of a setting of a Les Murray poem, recorded at the Adam Festival in Nelson only last year.

You can read a recent Guardian article on him here.

PELLE GUDMUNSEN-HOLMGREEN: selections from a recent Song Company concert, 2015 Adam Chamber Music Festival (RNZ Concert recording)

Sonic Surgery with the Wellington Musical Electronics Library

Manhattan Research Inc

Manhattan Research Inc Photo: Public Domain

Nell Thomas tells us about the Wellington Musical Electronics Library, performing with Kraus at the Zombies on the Horizon festival, and the ‘Sonic Surgery’ DIY workshops coming up at the Pyramid Club.

Music excerpts:
RAYMOND SCOTT: 'Cindy Electronium' , 1959, from the album 'Manhattan Research Inc’
ANTON BRUHIN: 'In/Out', 1981, from album of the same name
PAT KRAUS: Cardigan in Cashmere from the album Interior Castle (Private Recording)

John Elmsly

New Zealand SO/Hamish McKeich (RNZ Recording from the 2013 NZSO-RNZ Concert SOUNZ sessions)

David Long: Soundtrack to Leanne Pooley's 25 April

David Long’s latest collaboration with Leanne Pooley: the animated battle of Gallipoli documentary 25 April (2015).

DAVID LONG: Selection from the soundtrack to the film 25 April

DAVID LONG: Selection from the soundtrack to the film Beyond the Edge
RATTLE 420069

Interview with Leanne Pooley discussing 25 April

Aldeburgh Festival: Dead Rat Orchestra

The avant-garde at Aldeburgh: together Daniel Merrill, Nathaniel Mann and Robin Alderton form one of the most innovative groups in the UK, and the darlings of the northern European folk and improv scene – the Dead Rat Orchestra.

DEAD RAT ORCHESTRA: selection of live performances from unreleased EP, 'Dance Band'
Performers: Daniel Merrill, Nathaniel Mann, and Robin Alderton (Private Recording)

10:05 Karlheinz Company – Turtle Time

The Karlheinz Company presents Turtle Time in acknowledgement of the late Jack Body's hallucinogenic 1968 classic work for speaker, harpsichord, organ and piano.

Jack Body and Yono Sukarno (in background)

Jack Body and Yono Sukarno (in background) Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust.

GYÖRGY LIGETI: Continuum for harpsichord - Jonathan Dunlop (hpscd)
JACK BODY: Turtle Time - Callum Blackmore (speaker), Jonathan Dunlop (hpschd), Rachel Song (pno), Cynthia Hsu (harp), Amy Hsu (organ)/Alex Taylor
PIERRE BOULEZ: Notations Nos 1-5; ALEX TAYLOR: vis-à-vis; ANTHONY YOUNG: Leave Your Light On - Stephen De Pledge (pno)
STEVE REICH: Pendulum Music - John Coulter, John Kim, Clovis McEvoy, Irazema Vera (electronics)
JOHN GRANT: Queen of Denmark - Alex Taylor (vocal, pno) Clovis McEvoy
CLOVIS MCEVOY: Change Blindness - Matt Ball (tenor sax)
EVE DE CASTRO-ROBINSON: Cries of Auckland - Vocal sextet, string quartet/Alex Taylor (recorded at Music Theatre, University of Auckland by RNZ)

11:00 New Music Dreams

GAS: Gas
Wolfgang Voigt (sequencing, production, electronics)
Raster-Noton R-N 102

Wolfgang Voigt live as Gas

Wolfgang Voigt live as Gas Photo: Caroline Hayeur