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Composer alert! The SOUNZ contemporary Award closes on 6 June.

CHRIS WATSON: sing songs self
Sarah Watkins (pno), New Zealand SO/Hamish McKeich
SOUNZ Contemporary Award

Jonathan Crayford plays his picks from his latest album, East West Moon.

He's been described as New Zealand’s most prolific export and he’s certainly proving that with his current projects - his trio in New York, the orchestra he works with in Spain, his score for the remake of Goodbye Pork Pie (just about to hit our screens!), his film/opera in development El Diablo de Cadaquès and no less than four albums on the go. And that’s just to mention a few. He’s also right here in the country, performing in Auckland and Wellington, and Charlotte Wilson seized the opportunity to haul him into the studio.

Jonathan Crayford

Jonathan Crayford Photo: Rita Nowak

SPANNER: Live improv
Jonathan Crayford, Ross Burge, Sean Donnelly, and others
Recorded live at Golden Dawn, May 11, 2016

JONATHAN CRAYFORD: selection from ‘East West Moon'
Subito, Kurt in Berlin, East West
Jonathan Crayford (pno), Ben Street (bass), Dan Weiss (drums)
Rattle RAT-DO63

French for rabbits

‘Whispering dream-pop sad songs since 2012, with occasional outbursts’ French for Rabbits are Brooke Singer, John Fitzgerald, Ben Lemi and Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa. Singer-songwriter Brooke gives the background ahead of their South Island tour for their second album, Feathers & Dreams.

FRENCH FOR RABBITS: Feathers & Dreams, Goat, the other side
Brooke Singer (vocals, gtr), John Fitzgerald (gtr), Ben Lemi (electronics), Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (drums)


LABCOATS: Wet Dreams, from the album Acid & Alkaline
Steve Roche, David Long, Anthony Donaldson, David Donaldson, Ricky Gooch, Toby Lang

i.ryoko album Opening

i.ryoko album Opening Photo: Cover art

i ryoko 

i.Ryoko (aka Thomas Lambert) is a Wellington-based musician and sound artist whose debut album, Opening, is described as ‘an immersive listening experience that demands attention, constantly reminding the listener of its composer’s expertise and his drive to tell the stories of our world.’Created during his residence at the Audio Foundation.

i.ryoko: selection from the album Opening
The Act of Killing, Indica, Violin Wave, Conflict/Resolution

Chris Mason Battley Group: Dialogos

Improvised takes on John Psathas.

PSATHAS: Calenture
Dan Poynton (pno), Neil Becker (gtr), Murray Hickman (perc)
Rattle RAT D008

PSATHAS arr Chris Mason Battley Group
Calenture Parts 3,4 and Reprise
Rattle RAT 410305


11:00 New Music Dreams

Peter Wright - Pariah's Sing Om

New Zealand experimental drone musician Peter Wright has spent the last two decades investigating ways of deconstructing the guitar and loosening the shackles by which the instrument is traditionally constrained.

PETER WRIGHT: A selection from the album Pariahs Sing Om
Peter Wright (gtr, electronics)
Last Visible Dog Records