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FREDERIC RZEWSKI: Les Moutons de Panurge
Eighth Blackbird
Cedille Records CDR 90000 084

Zombies on the Horizon.

Music by Glen Downie, one of the artists in the exciting line-up of musicians playing at the New Zealand experimental music exhibition currently on at the Turnbull Library in Wellington.

Zombies on the Horizen. Art by Lyell Cresswell.

Zombies on the Horizen. Art by Lyell Cresswell. Photo: Supplied

On 28 May US percussionist Garrett Mendelow will present a concert of works by Wellington composers, with pianist Satoko Hayami at the Adam Concert Room , Wellington.

Watch Garrett Mendelow play John Psathas's One Study, One Summary:

PSATHAS: One Summary
Pedro Carneiro (mar), John Psathas (electronics),
Rattle RAT D018


i.ryoko album Opening

i.ryoko album Opening Photo: Cover art

i ryoko 

i.Ryoko (aka Thomas Lambert) is a Wellington-based musician and sound artist whose debut album, Opening, is described as ‘an immersive listening experience that demands attention, constantly reminding the listener of its composer’s expertise and his drive to tell the stories of our world.’Created during his residence at the Audio Foundation.

i.ryoko: selection from the album Opening
The Act of Killing, Indica, Violin Wave, Conflict/Resolution

PARSIMA: Persian classical improvisation with electronics
Saeed Mirghasemi (setar), Negar Haghighat (daf/tombak), Mona Mokhtari (vocals), Farzad Parsi (guitar), Shahram Ayan (electronics)

11:00 New Music Dreams

And the Black Moths Played the Grand Cinema by Dean Roberts

In his mesmerising  anti-epic 40-minute piece And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema, New Zealander Dean Roberts' guitar  provides the backbone while all around it instruments (piano, viola, organ, harmonium, cello, bass) weave in and out, move about, and disappear on the threshold of audibility. The few times Roberts sings he delivers his lyrics in a murmur while various forms of analog and digital processing further shape this ethereal soundscape.

DEAN ROBERTS: And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema
Dean Roberts (gtr, electronics), with various musicians
Fake And Detached; Cindy Tells Me...; Welcome Home, Little Birds; You And The Devil Blues; Sugar Got A Cocaine Heart; The Grandest Of Street; The Dole Of Liars

Mossopolis by Nigel Wright

NIGEL WRIGHT: Mossopolis
Nigel Wright (gtr, laptop)
The High Seas THS001

BOND STREET BRIDGE (Remixed by Nigel Wright): In Your Eyes
Sam Prebble, Nigel Wright
Download track free here