Beehive - Honey

Sounds Like Us 2010 Design Competition Winners - People's Choice Award  - Wuqiong Shi and Emma Clarkson

Wuqiong Shi:
Radio New Zealand is just like manuka honey: sweet, pure and unique. That's Kiwi's style.

Emma Clarkson:
My radio design is based around the New Zealand honey industry. As I have worked previously for Arataki Honey (Hawkes Bay), I was inspired to design a radio based on a Honey Bee Hive. New Zealand is well known for its honey, especially the popular Manuka honey, which has antibacterial properties and can be used for healing wounds. My design has a Manuka honey pot on its top, and has hive stacks on either side for speakers. The section in the middle of the radio has the typical dials, knobs, cassette and a CD player. I have tried to keep my design as close to original hives as possible, while still allowing it to look like a radio. The bees that float around it, and the landing strips below the hive speakers, hint that it is still a fully working set of hives. The cut out honeycombs on either side (shaped to make them keep the speaker look) prove exactly that.


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Radio Design Competition 2010 and 2011

Reaching far and wide into schools and tertiary institutions the design competition attracted hundreds of students keen to display their Kiwi creative ingenuity and explore why they were passionate about New Zealand culture and what it meant to them to be a Kiwi. The five winning radios are included in the Sounds Like Us exhibition.

2010 Winners

2011 Winners

Commended Radios

These were among the judge's top designs and only narrowly missed out on the prize.(.pdf's)

Sounds Like Us Touring Exhibition

The exhibition is on display at the Ashburton Museum from Saturday 9 December until late March 2018.