The Citizen's Handbook | Season 1 | Episode 3: The Settler Government

From The Citizen's Handbook, 12:03 am on 16 April 2020

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Episode 3 - The Settler Government (video)

"When did you become group leader?"

"When did you become group leader?" Photo: Kevin & Co

How did the New Zealand Government come to be? Robbie talks us through how the 1852 New Zealand constitution gave settlers the right to create laws to do... well, pretty much whatever they wanted.

"Get in!"

"Get in!" Photo: Kevin & Co


Episode 3 - The Settler Government (podcast)

From the dance floor to the stage, comedian Laura Daniel flexes all her skills as she talks about Māori Parliament, while Robbie lies about New Zealand provinces.

Laura, Robbie & Finn

Laura, Robbie & Finn Photo: Kevin & Co / Tim Batt

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Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol

Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol Photo: Kevin & Co

The Citizen’s Handbook is a podcast and video series written by Robbie Nicol and Finnius Teppett, directed by Leon Wadham, and produced by Kevin & Co.

Robbie Nicol is a writer and presenter best known as the creator and host of the political comedy web series White Man Behind a Desk.

Finnius Teppett is an award-winning writer for theatre, television, and film.

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