26 Feb 2021

The Cathedral and the CBD

From Fragments, 7:00 am on 26 February 2021


One man struggles to free others trapped in Cashel Mall; a policeman risks his life to rescue a woman trapped in the Cathedral Tower; a junior reporter survives the near collapse of her building to report from the CBD; a tour operator becomes an unofficial ambulance driver and a quick-thinking police officer holds an impromptu riverside Court session.

'Fragments: First-hand accounts of the February 2011 Earthquake' is available from 22 February on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts - all the podcast apps - and of course at RNZ.co.nz

Produced and presented by Katy Gosset. Co-produced by Justin Gregory. Original interviews recorded by Christchurch documentary producers, Sandra Close and Julie Hutton in the months immediately after the 2011 quake, as a means of securing a valuable archival record for the people of Canterbury.