22 Feb 2021

Fragments: First-hand accounts of the February 2011 Earthquake Episode One

From Fragments, 7:00 am on 22 February 2021

As a 6.3 aftershock surges out from near Lyttelton, across the Port Hills and into the surrounding suburbs, a jogger tries to outrun boulders falling all around her on a hillside track; a team races to protect people on the Port Hills gondola; a journalist travels from Lyttleton to the central city to find his missing daughter; two women take a wild bus ride through liquefaction and across broken bridges to get to the CBD and a Cashmere man loses his home.
Ten years on, what impact has the quake had on these survivors? How have their lives changed?

'Fragments: First-hand accounts of the February 2011 Earthquake' is available from 22 February on Apple,

Produced and presented by Katy Gosset. Co-produced by Justin Gregory. Original interviews recorded by Christchurch documentary producers, Sandra Close and Julie Hutton in the months immediately after the 2011 quake, as a means of securing a valuable archival record for the people of Canterbury.