24 Apr 2019

Today's world news: What you need to know

8:27 pm on 24 April 2019

The international stories making headlines around the world.

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The burial of 16-year-old bombing victim Niroshan Ravi, who died in St Anthony's church in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Photo: Nicky Woo/NurPhoto/ AFP

Sri Lanka moves to address security lapses

Sri Lanka's president Maithripala Sirisena has announced he will completely restructure police and security forces in coming weeks, after their failure to prevent the suicide bombings that killed more than 300 people over Easter weekend.

It is believed authorities were given multiple warnings about a planned terror attack but took no action.

The president said the information was not shared with him.

Although Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the murders, the government maintains homegrown terror groups were responsible.


Democracy activists jailed in Hong Kong

Four Hong Kong activists have been sentenced to up to 16 months in prison for their role in pro-democracy demonstrations.

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Taiwanese activists show support for Hong Kong pro-democracy activists who have been sentenced to jail. Photo: AFP or licensors

Four others received suspended sentences on Wednesday, while one had sentencing deferred until June.

The nine activists were found guilty earlier this month over their involvement in the "Umbrella Movement".


Huawei gets the green light in the UK - reports

UK prime minister Theresa May has reportedly given the go-ahead for Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei to supply equipment for the UK's new 5G network.

FILE - In this Thursday, March 7, 2019 file photo, two men use their mobile phones outside a Huawei retail shop in Shenzhen, China's Guangdong province.

Huawei is reported to be supplying equipment for Britain's new 5G network. Photo: AP

The contract will apparently be limited to supplying non-core equipment.

The deal is likely to be one of the items on the agenda for a major conference in the UK overnight.

- BBC/ Daily Telegraph

Kim arrives in Russia ahead of Putin meeting

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in the Russian far-east for a summit with President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. Photo: AFP

State media say Mr Kim has arrived on his private train for his first talks with the Russian president.

The Kremlin says they will meet near the Pacific coast city of Vladivostok tomorrow and will talk about the Korean peninsula's "nuclear problem".


Big steps in malaria vaccine development

An advanced experimental vaccine against malaria has been launched in Malawi.

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The RTSS vaccine pilot for children aims to immunise 120,000 aged two years and younger. Photo: 123RF

The hope is to save hundreds of thousands of lives a year.

The World Health Organisation says initial testing of the RTSS vaccine suggests it reduces cases by 40 percent.