10 Nov 2016

How the election aftermath unfolded

12:00 pm on 10 November 2016

World markets reacted, protests began and Barack Obama pledged to work for a smooth transition of power after Donald Trump won the US presidential election. This is how the morning after the election unfolded.

Key points

  • Financial markets in much of the world have rebounded after plunging
  • Protests have begun in the US
  • President Barack Obama has pledged to work for a smooth transition of power with the president-elect
  • Hillary Clinton has given her concession speech: 'I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans'
  • US president-elect Donald Trump will have the first of his daily presidential briefings today, and tomorrow will meet incumbent Barack Obama to discuss the hand over of power.
  • NZ Prime Minister John Key says the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is not going ahead "in the short-term".

Main events:

*Winners and losers in US election upset

*US election results by state

*What will President Trump do first?