23 Jul 2016

Munich attack: motive remains unclear

12:36 pm on 23 July 2016

A man who killed himself after a shooting attack in a Munich shopping mall may have been the sole shooter, police say.

Police evacuate people from the shopping mall in Munich.

Police evacuate people from the shopping mall in Munich. Photo: AFP

The attack started at a McDonald's fast food restaurant at the Olympia shopping centre in Munich shortly before 6pm on Friday

Ten people dead, with police earlier saying a suspected gunmen may have been among them.

Police said they were searching for up to three gunmen after the shooting, but have since said on Twitter: "We found a man, who killed himself. We assume, that he was the only shooter".

The gunman's body was found around one kilometre from the scene.

A police spokesman said there was no immediate indication that it was an Islamist attack but it was being treated as a terrorist incident.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the motive for the deadly shooting attack in a shopping mall in Munich on Friday was not yet clear.

"The motives for this abhorrent act have not yet been completely clarified - we still have contradictory clues," Steinmeier said in an emailed statement

Munich was placed under a state of emergency as police hunted for them and special forces deployed in the city, with transport halted and highways sealed off.

- Reuters