23 Feb 2014

Finance ministers in Sydney for G20

1:27 pm on 23 February 2014

Finance ministers and central bankers from across the world are in Sydney trying to nut out a plan to raise global growth and drive job creation.

Australia's treasurer Joe Hockey says there is a lot of goodwill among the Group of 20 finance ministers to address the important topics.

Mr Hockey says all countries have a responsibility to undertake structural reform to ensure, not just job creation, but also job security.

The Treasurer hosted a dinner for the G20 ministers on Saturday night and says there was extensive discussion about delivering vital infrastructure and the role of the private sector.

He says there was recognition there is a lot of private money around the world ready to go into building new facilities.

Meanwhile In Sydney, police say they acknowledge people's right to protest peacefully outside the G20 meeting but will not tolerate unlawful behaviour.

On Saturday, a 67-year-old man protesting about overseas tax havens was escorted from the summit hotel venue but was not arrested.

A small group of Ukrainian protesters also gathered and are calling on the G20 to apply trade and financial sanctions on the ruling regime of President Victor Yanukovych.