8 Aug 2013

Murdoch paper depicts Rudd as bumbling Nazi

9:39 pm on 8 August 2013

A row has deepened in Australia after a newspaper owned by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch depicted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as a Nazi.

The caricature appeared on the front page of the Sydney Daily Telegraph on Tuesday morning and comes before the general election on 7 September.

The paper didn't make great reading for Kevin Rudd, showing him in full Nazi uniform in the guise of Colonel Klink, the bumbling German officer from the 1960s television series Hogan's Heroes, the BBC reports.

Mr Murdoch also used his Twitter feed this week to criticise Mr Rudd's plan to set up a national broadband network.

Kevin Rudd has accused Mr Mudoch of interfering because the plan might threaten the media mogul's own Foxtel cable network.

The election pits Mr Rudd and his Labor Party against a conservative coalition led by Tony Abbott.

The Prime Minister has demanded that Mr Abbott reveal his involvement with Mr Murdoch and Foxtel.