1 May 2018

Police are targeting drivers on cellphones and those not wearing seatbelts next week

11:02 am on 1 May 2018

Put your belt on and your phone away.



Don't be like this guy

Don't be like this guy Photo: Alexandre Boucher / Unsplash

Police will be targeting people who drive while using their cellphones, and those not wearing seatbelts as part of a road safety initiative next week. 

From Monday, May 7, road policing assistant commissioner Sandra Venables says staff will focus on behaviours known to contribute to death and injury on the roads. 

These include distracted driving, impaired driving, going too fast for the conditions and not wearing seatbelts.

Venables said targeting cell phone use and belting up would be a nationwide operation that would involve all police. 

“Almost a third of all people who die on our roads are not wearing seatbelts,” she said. 

“The other thing we see too much of is distracted driving. When you’re driving, your focus should be on driving. Nothing else. Too many people are dying on our roads.”

The fine for not wearing a seat belt is $150. The penalty for using your phone while driving is an $80 fine and 20 demerit points.

For more informtation go to: http://www.police.govt.nz/advice/driving-and-road-safety/driving-rules-and-legislation