19 Jan 2018

Summer Jams #2: Randa, Kiki van Newtown (Hex), Aaradhna, Anna Coddington, Louis Baker

4:05 pm on 19 January 2018

Some of our favourite local musicians share the song that's their soundtrack to summer.



Louis Baker, Aaradhna, Randa and Anna Coddington.

Louis Baker, Aaradhna, Randa and Anna Coddington. Photo: Photos: Steve Stills/Hannah Rolfe/Louise Hyatt/Supplied

Randa chooses ‘Fear’ by Alexa Casino.

Goals for 2018: “Enjoy vegetables! I want to find ways of making simple ones exciting, maybe add some sprinkles of sesame seeds and stuff like that.”

Summer hack: “I’m all about the condiments and chutneys, keeping the fridge stocked with mayo, aioli, hot sauce etc

“A big jar of that bright yellow picklelily from New World is like $2.50, tastes good and makes for a fun chippy dining experience in my opinion!”

Favourite summer jam: “Jam, manuka honey and some chunky peanut butter on a tiny lil serving spoon! I like to use a small spoon because it’s so addictive and this allows me to really cherish the taste that extra bit more.”

Lol, no - favourite summer jam, as in song! “Can I pick two?  Alexa Casino - ‘Fear’ and Meer - ‘Pomegranate’.”

Ok. But we can only play one on the radio...  Alexa Casino then.

Why: “I just love her vocals, I like the production, I just think it’s a really great track.

“Because summer is… it can be a strange time. Like, we’ve got this beautiful weather, but then most people get this break and it’s disruption to the routine, and of course that can be really lovely, but if you’re someone that finds routine helpful in terms of mental health - I know I do, it can kinda throw you off a bit.

“So I think just listening to these songs with beautiful lyrics, it just reminds you that it’s ok to feel things, and it’s ok if you don’t feel [that] powerful… Sometimes I just want to feel like He-Man, but I don’t, but it’s ok.”


Kiki van Newtown (Hex) chooses ‘Strong Woman’ by Jen Cloher

Goals for 2018: Exercise prudent inaction, stay angry, wear more natural fibres.

Summer hack: Always make sure you're wearing undies that are in okay enough condition to parade around in as togs.

Favourite summer jam: Apricot. Favourite jam-including recipe is ‘Queen of Puddings’ - Edmonds Cookbook edition. It's literally called Queen of Puddings. It's like old pudding restructure into new pudding.

No! favourite musical summer jam:  Jen Cloher - Strong Woman

Why: "This album is... so raw and so real and beautiful and devastating and I just love it... [Strong Woman] is basically Jen singing about how she was raised to be a young lady and her realising that... she's actually this really staunch, tough queer woman. But it's got this brutal line in it about the world not being made for women and it just makes me have so many feelings."


Anna Coddington chooses ‘Lemon’ by N.E.R.D. ft. Rihanna.

See her play: At Splore in February and Wanderlust in March with Clicks, ft Coddington and her partner - house DJ/producer Dick Johnson.

Goals for 2018: “They involve a shuffle of priorities. Creativity, my journey with Te Reo Māori and the environment have moved up the pecking list and other things have moved down. My NY resolution is more like a mind map than a statement.”

Summer ice block of choice: “Lemonade popsicle.”

Summer jam of choice: “Marmalade.”

Lol, no - favourite summer jam, as in song! “N.E.R.D. and Rihanna - ‘Lemon’.”

Why: “I chose this song because I just can’t get enough of it at the moment. Every time it comes on the radio I turn it up and find myself bopping along, or running a bit faster if I’m listening to it on a run.

“It’s just got a real bouncy feeling, I mean the lyric is literally ‘Bouncin’ around / bouncin’ around!’ it’s so good. Then it’s got that massive break in the middle when Rihanna comes in and just slays it!”


Aaradhna chooses ‘Can't Let Go’ by Calvin Richardson.

Goals for 2018: Create more new music.

Summer ice block of choice: Fruju Pineapple

Summer hack: Purchase a $10 disco ball from kmart for long drives with family or band to create a party bus scene to go along with your music.

Favourite summer jam: Jam and cream cheese on bagels

Lol, no - favourite summer jam, as in song! Calvin Richardson - 'Can't Let Go'

Why: “I like to listen to slow jams at any time [of the year] … I just love everything that [Calvin Richardson] puts out, and this song is music that you can feel, and this is what I’ve been feeling lately ... I’ve been playing it a lot. It’s all about the feels!”


Louis Baker chooses ‘Satan’ by D.D Dumbo.

Goal for 2018: "Finish and release my album."

Summer ice block of choice: "That would have to be a Fruju, but if we're talking ice cream, def a Choc Bar."

Summer hack: "No hacks as such, however, a Frisbee is always ready to go in the car for a cheeky summer run-around, usually to break up a long roadie!"

Favourite summer jam: "D.D Dumbo - ‘Satan’."

Why: “This song sorta reminded me of Jeff Buckley and Talking Heads. He’s got a high [vocal] range and can do a lot with his voice, but he’s also very sort-of characterful and quite witty his lyrical content. So I really like the tune and really like a lot of his stuff actually.”