11 Dec 2015

2015 Outlook for Someday winner announced

10:35 am on 11 December 2015

A sex slavery film has taken away the top spot in the national youth challenge. 


Hunter Williams (16) from Auckland has won the Standout Winner category of the Outlook for Someday challenge, with his documentary about a covert mission to save young girls from sex slavery. 

The film features an interview with Daniel Walker, founder and executive director of Nvader, an organisation whose mission is to bring perpetrators to justice. 

“Hunter has handled a really tough issue with great sensitivity and genuine courage,” says Walker. “He has exposed and communicated the depth of tragedy that is involved in the modern day slave trade, and also the real hope that Nvader brings through our fight for freedom.”

The Outlook for Someday challenge tasks young filmmakers 24 and under to make a short film about sustainability, with interpretation of ‘sustainability' left open.